How to test Discount Ninja

Learn how to test your promotion

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This article shows the ways in which promotions can be tested and the purpose of doing so, before activating.

⚠️Please note that promotions can only be tested if they are inactive. Promotions triggered by a Promotion Code can only be tested with the shareable link while inactive, testing the Promotion Codes requires the promotion to be activated.

Before testing

Before testing a promotion, please ensure your testing feature is enabled, in Settings > General > Testing. To enable testing, please check the box ☑️Enable testing inactive promotions, then click [Save].

After enabling testing in the app, you may test an inactive promotion, or the Dynamic Pricing configuration on your theme, with a generic promotion.

Testing Dynamic Pricing

To test Dynamic Pricing, click the button [Test Dynamic Pricing setup], then choose your preferred method, and click [Continue].

Testing an inactive promotion

To test an inactive promotion, please navigate to the Promotion List, locate your inactive promotion, and click either "Copy test link" or "Test", then follow the prompts featured above.

Testing Discount Ninja on an unpublished theme

If you wish to test the Discount Ninja app on a theme without publishing it, the process to enable the script is as follows:

  • Go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes

  • Locate the theme you wish to test

  • Click [Customize] alongside the theme name

  • Go to App Embeds (third icon on the left)

  • Turn the Discount Ninja app embed ON

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