Sessions included in your plan

Learn about sessions and the options available to you when you run out of sessions

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What is a session?

This article describes how sessions are measured.

How many sessions are included in my plan?

To check how many promotions you are entitled to per month, go to the Settings of the app, and open the Subscription module.

This screen contains the details of your current subscription and the sessions included:

Where can I check how many sessions I have used?

On the home page of the app you'll find a chart in the dashboard that shows your usage for that month:

When you get close to the limit, we'll send you a notification on the email address(es) listed in your profile (Settings > General > Profile module).

How can I subscribe to a different plan?

Check out this article to learn how to change your subscription plan.

What happens when I'm over the limit?

When you select the Bronze or Silver plan, the app will ask you to choose between automatic and manual upgrades:

If you have opted for manual upgrades, the app will send a notification when you get close to the limit of your plan. If you choose not to upgrade the plan, your promotions will be paused until the end of the billing cycle.

If you have opted to automatically upgrade your plan, the app will automatically upgrade you, for the current billing period only, to the appropriate plan based on your consumption. The total amount you will be charged for that billing period is equal to the plan to which you are upgraded.

The Gold or Platinum plans do not offer a manual/automatic upgrade option. Instead, the app automatically charges a fee per extra package of sessions that is required.

Are promotions stopped immediately if I run out of session?

When you reach the limit of your plan, we'll send you a notification on the email address(es) listed in your profile (Settings > General > Profile module).
During a limited grace period, we will continue to serve your promotions. If you have not upgraded your plan at the end of the grace period your promotions will be stopped until the next billing cycle.

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