Checkout modes

Discount Ninja supports two checkout modes:

  • Standard mode

  • Discount code mode

Changing the checkout mode

To change the checkout mode to discount code mode:

  • In the Discount Ninja menu go to Settings > Checkout options

  • In the Checkout mode tab, select Discount Code mode

Standard mode

In "Standard mode" Discount Ninja uses the standard APIs provided by Shopify to prepare a discounted checkout. This checkout mode uses draft orders and advanced checkouts (using the sales channel) to provide the most flexible checkout experience. The checkout screen provides the clearest overview possible so that customers can easily understand how discounts are applied to the checkout.

This mode is available in two flavors:

  • [Default] No discount code accepted at checkout if discounted by DN

  • [Not recommended] Using the sales channel, an additional discount code can be accepted at checkout after the cart has been discounted by DN

Discount code mode

In "Discount code mode" the app creates unique discount codes that are applied automatically at checkout. The discount code combines the benefits of all promotions applied to the cart. This can be useful for customers whose backend systems cannot handle complex orders with custom discounts and instead require orders to use a single standard discount code. The visitor is sent to the standard Shopify checkout, which features a 'Return to cart' button. This mode does not support combining free shipping promotions with other (percentage or fixed amount) promotions. To avoid bypassing the rules of your promotions the app detects situations where the visitor returns to the cart after visiting checkout. When the visitor is no longer eligible for a discount after changing the content of the cart the app will void the discount.


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