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What is a session?
What is a session?

Learn more about unique web sessions, used to measure the usage of the app

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What is a session?

A unique web session is:

  • any number of pages visited on the same day

  • visited by a unique combination of device and browser (e.g. Desktop/Chrome and Mobile phone/Safari are two sessions)

  • during which your Discount Ninja promotion was served

Frequently asked questions

Is every visitor a session?
No, only those for which a Discount Ninja promotion has triggered during their visit.

When a visitor checks out different products on my shop, is each page view a session?
No, sessions are not page views. During a single session a visitor may visit as many pages as they want.

How many sessions do I need?
It depends on the type of promotion you run and the amount of traffic you drive. If you are running automatic promotions that trigger for everyone, you'll likely consume as many sessions as you have visitors. If you are running private promotions via shareable links or promotion codes, the amount of sessions you need will depend on how many of your customers use the links/promotion codes.

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