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Restrict promotions to a single use
Restrict promotions to a single use

Learn how to configure promotions that can be redeemed only once per customer

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Once per customer

Discount Nina allows you to configure promotions that can be used "once per customer".

This option is set in the Trigger section of a promotion on the Frequency tab.

Definition of customer

It is important to understand that customer is defined in this context as a unique browser/device combination.

In other words, Discount Ninja sees four distinct customers, if the same person browses to your shop from their phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop at work.

What happens when the promotion has been used?

A "once per customer" promotion will automatically stop triggering for a customer after they place an order where they redeem their coupon.

The promotion is not displayed to that customer on subsequent visits to your shop or when they visit your shop on a new tab of their browser.

Can customers redeem the promotion on multiple orders?

Please note that it is possible for customers to trigger the promotion multiple times in a number of ways:

  1. Firstly, they can go back to the cart after checking out. The promotion may still be active in their browser. However, if they attempt to check out, the system will remove the promotion from the checkout.

  2. Further, they can also attempt to trigger the promotion again in a new tab of the browser. If they do so quickly (within 15 minutes of placing an order) they may be able to trigger the promotion again, but they will not be able to use the promotion as it will be removed at checkout.

  3. Finally, they can also trigger the promotion again from a different device, or a different browser, or an InCognito session. In such cases, the promotion will trigger (because the app believes does not know it was triggered by the same person) and will not be removed at checkout. However, if a person places multiple orders that are discounted by a "once per customer" promotion, their orders (except the first one) will be flagged with a "Coupon fraud" tag by Discount Ninja. The app is able to do this if the person uses the same shipping address or email address. This tag is used to alert the Shopify merchant that the order should be manually reviewed. This can be configured from the Settings > General > Order tags menu.

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