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Abandoned checkouts
An order came in after my promotion ended
An order came in after my promotion ended

Learn about Abandoned Checkouts and how Abandoned Checkout sequences can lead to orders coming in after a promotion ends

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What is an abandoned checkout?

When a customer clicks the checkout button on your store, Discount Ninja prepares a checkout (using a Draft Order or similar) that included the required discounts.

If the customer does not complete the order, an Abandoned Checkout sequence can kick in. This happens when the customer:

  • advances to the checkout step where they provide their email address,

  • but they do not complete the order. 

Email sequences to recover abandoned checkouts

Shopify includes email sequences to recover abandoned checkouts (cf. Many apps are available on the App Store that provide alternate ways to handle this.

When you are running a limited time sale (in other words, when you set a Scheduled end date on your offer) in Discount Ninja, you need to be mindful of how abandoned checkouts works.

Because Discount Ninja includes the discount in the checkout, you should consider the discounts to be "baked in" to the (abandoned) checkout link. If you send this checkout link to a customer in an email to recover an abandoned checkout, they can use at a later date to get the same discount. 


When a Discount Ninja promotion ends:

  • new visitors will not be able to check out with the discounts included in that promotion, 

  • but customers who received an email to recover their abandoned checkout can still complete their order at the price that was valid when they abandoned the checkout.

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