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Exclusive promotions

Understand when and how to use exclusivity

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This article is part of a series, for more information about other scenarios related to combining and stacking promotions check out this article.

Sometimes you may want to configure a promotion as "exclusive", such that it cannot be combined with any other Discount Ninja promotions or Shopify discount codes.

This can be achieved using the "Exclusivity" settings of the trigger of the promotion.

Discount Ninja promotions can contain multiple offers. This allows you to bundle multiple offers into a single promotion that can be triggered via a link, a Discount Ninja promotion code (not to be confused with a Shopify discount code), or automatically.

Each promotion can be configured to be exclusive. When a promotion is exclusive, it will override all other offers that would otherwise apply when it is activated.

If multiple exclusive offers are active in the same cart, only one will be applied. The priority field determines which one is applied.

When should you consider using exclusivity?

  • If you want to offer a promotion to a specific audience (via a shareable link or promotion code or to visitors that are logged in) without also offering the automatic promotions that are available to all customers.

What happens when an exclusive promotion is offered to a visitor?

  • Automatic Discount Ninja promotions will not be active during the visit.

  • Visitors will not be able to redeem promotion codes using the Discount Ninja promotion code field.

  • If configured, stacking a Shopify discount code on top of Discount Ninja promotions at checkout is still possible though.

To configure exclusivity

  • Edit your promotion

  • Go to the Trigger section

  • Find the Exclusivity tab

  • Set the exclusivity to "This promotion is exclusive"

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