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Learn how to avoid a page refresh when a free gift (GWP) is added or a BOGO line is split

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Standard behavior

By default, the app automatically reloads the page to ensure the (drawer) cart content is updated and reflected on your shop. This happens when:

  • A free gift is added (or removed)

  • A BOGO line is split into two lines (one discounted and one non-discounted)

Improve the UX

To improve the user experience, you can:

  • disable the refresh; this can be useful on themes that do not use a drawer cart.

  • or configure the app to refresh your (drawer) cart using JavaScript rather than by reloading the page.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Advanced in the menu of the app:

In the tab "Refresh behavior", click "Override flags" if necessary.

Disable, one or both checkboxes to avoid reloading the page on the cart page or other pages (drawer cart).

Finally, add the JavaScript method to refresh the drawer cart.

Each theme is different, so, unfortunately, we can't provide the exact method you'll need. Your Shopify developer can help you to identify which method to use.

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