How to edit your popup

1- Where?
 Within the "edit promotion" page, you will see on the top menu the popup option. 

2- Choose your message
The title, message and button labels can be customized. You can format text (bold, italic, underline, color, ...) and change the font size. The screenshot below shows how you can align text on the left, center or right. Additionally it shows an indication of how many characters will safely fit in the popup (in this case 100) and how many are left (in this case 16).

Use the WYSWYG editor to add the text you would like to display on the popup.

You can use shortcodes to insert the timer and many other dynamic content. Learn how.

3- Choose your theme

There are a number of themes available for your popup. Each theme has a different design that impacts the look & feel of your popup. Select and test each type to decide which one your prefer.

4- Image

Some themes use a background image overlayed with text. Others use an image with text around it.  In both cases it is best to use square images of 600x600px.

However, for themes that use a background image note that the image will be centered. This means you will part of the left and the right side of the image will not be visible to mobile users.

Note: For single product promotions, you can also use your first product image for more convenience. If you choose this option, make sure to test how it looks after the set up.

5- Colors

The background color, text color, border and overlay colors can all be customized. Pick a value from the color picker or enter any valid HEX value.

6- Close button and No thanks

Sometimes visitors will want or need to cancel out of the promotion popup. There are two options that allow visitors to do that: a close button (on the top right of the popup) and a No thanks button (below the Apply discount). We recommend you keep both enabled.

7- Popup Animation

To make it fun, you can add animations to the popup. Choose whatever you like and test how your clients react to it.

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