Before you send your promotion out it is important to test it. Discount Ninja has built in test functionality to make sure your promotion performs well!

Test button

Use the Test button to start testing a promotion. If you're having trouble finding the Test button, read this article to find out more.


Once you have clicked the Test button Discount Ninja will take the necessary actions to enhance performance of the promotion. This action ensures your visitors have a smooth experience!

How to test

After clicking the "View promotion" button your promotion will open on a separate tab. You can now view the experience for your visitors and test your promotion.

Pro tip: copy the URL and open your promotion in a Private/Incognito browser session to see the behavior of your promotion for a visitor that follows your URL for the first time. To learn more how to test the experience for a new visitor click here.

Test Mode Output

When testing Discount Ninja will display "Test Mode Output" when certain configurations of your promotion cause it not to show the pop-up, notification or price update. This helps you understand if the promotion behaves as you expected. Find out more about the "Test Mode Output".

How can I mimic a first time visitor?

Open an InPrivate / Incognito browser session. This will ensure that Discount Ninja shows the promotion without using values cached in your browser session. Learn more here.

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