To access these settings, go to "Edit promotions" from the Home page, then click the "Edit" button for the promotion you want to edit.
In the "Edit promotion" screen, open the tab "Notifications".

When should we display the notification?

To ensure visitors are reminded of the promotion that is available to them Discount Ninja, by default, is configured to show the notification on every page visit. 

This shows the notification on each page of a product or collection that participates in the promotion.

This behavior can be changed to:

  • On every page visit
  • Once per session
  • Once per device

A "session" is a browsing session in a tab of a browser. While the visitor continues to browse in the same tab (s)he is considered to be in the same session. When they open a new browser window or a new tab in the same browser window they are considered to be in a new session.

Once per "device", means Discount Ninja will attempt to show the pop-up once to every visitor. While the visitor continues to browse in the same browser (e.g. Chrome / Firefox / Safari) and on the same device they are considered to be same visitor.

On what pages should the notification be displayed?

You can also configure on what pages the notification should be displayed.
Three options are available:

  • Home page
  • Product pages
  • Collection pages

Two notifications: Product and Cart

Note that Discount Ninja shows two separate notifications:

  • Product page
  • Cart page

The "When should we display the notification?" setting can be configured separately for both types of notifications. The "On what pages should the notification be displayed?" setting can only be configured for the Product page notification. The Cart page notification is only shown on the Cart page.

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