When do I use this technique?

When you want to schedule your promotion to only be active on certain days of the week and/or certain weeks of the month.


  • Activate a promotion only on weekends
  • Activate a promotion every first Friday of the month

How do I configure it?

Create a new promotion and edit it to make the following choices on the Schedule tab:

  • Schedule recurring promotion?: Check this option
  • Enable only on specific days of the week?: Check this option (optionally) and select the days of the week on which the promotion should be activated
  • Enable only on specific weeks of the month?: Check this option (optionally) and select the weeks when the promotion should be activated. You can select the number of the week (1-5) or simply first/last week of the month.

Note: these settings can be combined with a simple schedule (start/stop date). Learn more about these settings here.

How does Discount Ninja pause/resume my promotions?

Active promotions that are on a schedule are marked with the status: Scheduled (Pending). Every 30 minutes all promotion schedules are reviewed and all promotions with a matching schedule are resumed. The status of those promotions then switches to: Scheduled (Active).

When the schedule no longer matches the promotion is automatically paused. The status then changes to Scheduled (Pending).

What happens with my inactive promotions?

Discount Ninja will not activate promotions that you have manually deactivated.

What's the experience like for my prospects/customers?

Customers who access your store will only be shown your promotion if the day of the week and/or week of the month match your schedule settings.

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