When testing your promotion you want to know what your customers' experience will be like in the following two situations:

  • First time visitor: i.e. someone who views your promotion for the first time
  • Subsequent visits: i.e. someone who has already been exposed to your promotion and is browsing back to a promoted product

How can I mimic a first time visitor?

Open an InPrivate / Incognito browser session. This will ensure that Discount Ninja shows the promotion without using values cached in your browser session.

What is different about subsequent visits?

Discount Ninja caches values (i.e. saves a local copy in the browser). This helps with:

  • Performance
  • User experience (by not showing pop-ups and notifications every single time the page loads)

It is therefore possible that, when you reload a page on the same browser (and in the same tab) that the pop-up or notification are no longer shown (depends on your settings).
Additionally, discounts typically expire (after a few minutes or on a specific date). When they expire the promotion is no longer shown.

Why is the pop-up  / notification not shown?

If you are not sure why the pop-up or notification are not shown, use the test button to learn more.

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