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Shopify discount codes entered via promotion code field

Learn how Discount Ninja handles Shopify discount codes redeemed via the Cart promotion code field

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This article is part of a series, for more information about other scenarios related to combining and stacking promotions check out this article.

Shopify discount codes can be redeemed using Discount Ninja's cart promotion code field.

Supported codes

Discount Ninja's cart promotion code field supports:

  • Percentage discount codes

  • Fixed amount discount codes

  • Free shipping discount codes

Not supported:

  • BOGO discount codes

How does it work?

Discount Ninja looks up discount codes and understands how to apply those discount codes to the cart. The app also ensures the codes are passed on to the checkout and automatically applied at checkout.

There are two ways Shopify discount codes can be applied:

Without a wrapper promotion

Redeeming a code that is not included in a wrapper promotion (see below) results in the following:

  • Discount Ninja will use standard rules (see below) to determine if the code should be interpreted as product-level or order-level

  • No building blocks will be displayed

  • Dynamic Pricing will be applied

By default, Shopify discount codes are interpreted as being order-level by Discount Ninja when they apply to all products. Shopify discount codes that are specific to a (set of) product(s) or collection(s) are considered product-level by default.

This behavior can be overridden, for all Shopify discount codes, in Settings > Shopify discount codes > In the cart:

If you need more control, consider using a wrapper promotion (see below).

With a wrapper promotion

If a customer redeems a Shopify discount code that is part of a "wrapper" Discount Ninja promotion, then the rules of that promotion apply.

To set up a "wrapper" promotion, choose the "Visitors who redeem a Shopify discount code" intended audience when creating an offer:

There are three different offer templates for Shopify discount code wrappers:

Each of the Shopify discount code wrapper offer templates are meant to configure a promotion that is triggered when a Shopify discount code is redeemed via the Discount Ninja cart promotion code field.

These offer templates:

  • Ensure the discount code is automatically applied to the checkout

  • Allow you to define if the offer should be considered product-level or order-level

  • Allow you to configure building blocks (sticky bar, notification...) to communicate the offer to your customers

  • Allow you to show discounted prices in the product pages, collection pages and cart pages using Dynamic Pricing

The first template is used if you want to create a wrapper for a specific code. The second template is used if you want to create a wrapper for all codes in a specific discount code group (typically a group of codes generated by another app) and the last template is used to create a wrapper for all codes that have been generated by a specific app (typically email or loyalty related).

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