What is a Customer Digital FingerPrint?

Discount Ninja uses a Customer Digital FingerPrint to identify when a visitor comes back to your store. This allows you to:

  • Optionally present a unique deadline for your offer to each customer
  • Optionally present the same promotion only once to each customer

Unique deadline and real scarcity

Have you ever visited a website that tells you that you have 15 minutes to finish your purchase only to come back to same website the next day and see the exact same message?
With Discount Ninja you can avoid this to a large extent and create much more real scarcity.
The app ensures that, when the visitor comes back after 10 minutes they will see they only have 5 minutes left. If their deadline expired the promotion will be canceled for them.

How do I enable this?

Go to Settings and find the "Cache" tab.
Ensure your setting is: "Same device and browser"

What does it mean for my visitors?

If you select "Same device and browser", your visitor will:

  • see the correct price while visiting product and collection pages of your shop, even when using multiple tabs
  • see their unique deadline (if you configured an expiration date for your promotion) even when they close the browser and come back the day after

What do those 3 settings mean?

The following overview explains how the different Cache settings impact how Discount Ninja identifies returning visitors.

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