Discount Ninja allows you to configure how you want to show your prices in the "Price Update" tab of your promotion.

Note: this feature requires Dynamic Pricing to be set up.


The available options include 4 standard and 2 custom options.

UPDATE: there are two 'hidden' advanced options that will be made available in the near future; they will replace the current "custom label" options.

Standard options

  • Replace: this option simply replaces your original price with the discounted price
  • Strikethrough: strikes through your original price and shows the discounted price
  • Strikethrough inverse: same, but in the inverse order 
  • Was: shows the discounted price and indicates what the original price was 

Custom label

Allows you to specify what goes before and what goes after the discounted price


  • Before: "Now only "
  • After: "! (limited time offer)"
  • Result: Now only $100! (limited time offer)

You can use any of the shortcodes here as well, so you can do more advanced stuff like this:

  • Before: "Save {{AMOUNT}} - Now only "
  • After: " (regular price {{ORIGINAL_PRICE}}, offer expires in {{TIMER}})"
  • Result: Save $20 - Now only $100 (regular price $120), offer expires in 14 minutes 56 seconds

Custom label with original price

Similar to the custom label, but includes the original price by default.

  • Before: "Now only "
  • Middle: " (was "
  • After: ") Limited time offer!"
  • Result: Now only $100 (was $120) Limited time offer!

Advanced mode for custom label

To allow for more use cases the custom label options will be deprecated and replaced by a simpler system that relies completely on the shortcodes.

To use it today, choose "custom label" and configure it as follows:

  • Before (use any shortcodes): "Save {{AMOUNT}} - Now only {{DISCOUNTED_PRICE}} (normal price {{ORIGINAL_PRICE}}, offer expires in {{TIMER}})"
  • After: type "ADVANCED MODE" (in capitals, without the double quotes)
  • Result: Save $20 - Now only $100 (normal price $120), offer expires in 14 minutes 56 seconds

Using liquid

It is also possible to configure price labels that can appear anywhere on the on the product page and the cart page.

To do so, you'll need to add some very simple Liquid statements to your product or cart Liquid file.

Contact us at [email protected] if interested.

An example of what can be achieved, in this case on the cart page:

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