Discount Ninja version Winter update 2 will be released on Monday November 4 at 2:00PM Central European Time (CET).
No manual action is required for customers.


The admin UI of Discount Ninja will be unavailable for 5 minutes.
No impact for active promotions.


The following improvements were made in this version:

  • New: support for "limited free shipping" promotions
  • New: support for combining up to two "spend x, get y" promotions (one shipping and one product discount) 
  • Improved support for Dynamic Pricing on drawer carts
  • Simplified layout of promotion wizard, hiding advanced settings
  • Improved usability of templates
  • New default: Discount Ninja now, by default, creates the discount code configured in the admin UI as a fixed discount code instead of using unique discount codes by default

Resolved defects

The following defects were resolved in this version:

  • Countdown timer not appearing for some promotions
  • Image picker in settings not working properly
  • Changing themes in settings not working properly
  • Difficult to select correct percentage or font size with sliders
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