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Free shipping promotion template
Free shipping promotion template

Learn how the free shipping promotion template works and how it leverages Shopify discount codes

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Creating a promotion

To set up a free shipping promotion:

  • Create a new promotion and

  • Add an offer of the following type:

Then, set the discount.

For free shipping, use 100% percent:

Configuring restrictions

Shipping countries

It can be useful to restrict the offer to specific countries, to avoid giving away free shipping for expensive destinations.

To set this up, go to the Offer tab and select Selected shipping countries, then select one or more countries from the list:

Selected states or provinces

For some countries, the app additionally includes support for selecting states or provinces:

Discounted rates

Additionally, you may want to restrict which shipping rates you want to discount.

For example, you may want to offer ground shipping for free, but air shipping at the standard rate:

There are two ways to set this up:

  • Using a threshold

Delivery methods

Finally, you can also restrict which delivery methods you want to discount:

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