When do I use this technique?

When you have established your (prospective) customer is interested in buying a product (or a bundle of products), but they have not made the purchase. You may want to send them a link that allows them to check out with a given discount code.

How do I configure it?

Create a new Promotion and make the following choices:

After setting up the promotion:

  • Click "Customize"
  • On the "Discount Ninja" tab choose "Checkout" in the section "Where do you want to direct your customers?"
  • Select one or more products from the dropdown
  • Copy your "Buy Now" link!

What's the experience like for my prospects/customers?

Customers who browse to your "Buy Now" link will land on the checkout page.
The cart will be pre-filled with the product(s) you selected and the discount code associated with the promotion will be applied.

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