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Learn about known compatibility issues with apps that conflict with Discount Ninja

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Incompatible Shopify features

The app cannot be combined with the following Shopify features:

  • Shopify's native automatic discounts since they overrule discounts at the checkout

  • Shopify's "buy now" buttons and "express checkout" buttons since these buttons redirect to a checkout that does not include checkouts; the app therefore either hides the buttons automatically or redirects to a discounted standard checkout when those buttons are clicked


Discount Ninja uses Shopify discount functions to apply discounts to the checkout. Discount Ninja requires three functions to work correctly: a product discount, an order discount and a shipping discount. Those functions are set up automatically by the app upon installation. With those three functions the app can run any number of offers.

However, Shopify limits merchants to a maximum of five automatic discounts / function discounts. Discount Ninja can therefore only be combined with other apps that need a maximum of two discount functions. If you have previously installed another app that uses discount functions, you may need to delete those functions. If insufficient slots are available for Discount Ninja to create three discount functions, the app will fall back to using the Draft Order API for checkout, which is suboptimal.

Some stores are not configured to allow for functions or for (function) discounts to combine. If your store does not allow for such discounts, contact Shopify Plus support and request more information about the Discount Extensibility feature.

Categories of apps with compatibility problems

  • Apps that redirect to a non-native checkout. Discount Ninja is only compatible with the native, standard Shopify checkout.

  • Apps that apply discounts using Shopify's Draft Order API

  • Product options apps that hide option products in the cart (e.g. SC Product Options); this results in an incorrect cart line item price when products with options are discounted

Situations that may require custom integration

List of apps with known compatibility problems

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