Advanced checkout

Discount Ninja is designed to overcome a number of limitations in how Shopify's standard discount codes and automatic codes work.
These limitations are baked in to the standard checkout of Shopify. As a result, Discount Ninja needs to be able to send you to a checkout that applies your discount rules to overcome these limitations.
You can read more about the checkout process here.

Incompatible apps

For those reasons, the app cannot be combined with:

  • Shopify's native automatic discounts since they overrule discounts at the checkout
  • Shopify's "buy now" buttons and "express checkout" buttons
  • Apps that redirect to a non-standard shopify checkout

Categories of apps with compatibility problems

  • Apps that redirect to a multi-currency checkout 
  • Apps that redirect to a subscription product checkout 
  • Apps that create upsells on a separate checkout flow
  • Apps that provide a "one-click" buy option

List of apps with known compatibility problems

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