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The checkout text helps your customers understand which discounts are applied to the checkout. Checkout text can be added to product level and order level promotions.

The checkout text is the only aspect of the checkout screen that can be controlled by Discount Ninja since the checkout template is not editable (unless you are on the Shopify Plus plan).

Example, product level promotion

Here's an example of checkout text (Save 20%) for a product level promotion:

Example, order-level promotion

The example below shows two checkout texts (EXTRA7 and Save 5%). This is the result of two stacked order-level promotions:

How can I edit the text?

The video on top of this article explains how checkout text can be edited.
The steps are as follows:

  • Edit promotion

  • Go to the Offers section and click "Edit building blocks" on the offer you want to edit

  • Find the Checkout Text building block and click Edit

  • Edit the text and Save


The checkout text can be made dynamic using the following shortcodes:

  • {{DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE}}: replaced by the percentage of the discount, for example: 20%

  • {{DISCOUNT_AMOUNT}}: replaced by the fixed amount of the discount, for example: $9.95

  • {{DISCOUNT_CODE}}: the promotion code, discount code or trigger token used


  • Save {{DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE}} becomes Save 20%

  • You save {{DISCOUNT_AMOUNT}} becomes You save $9.95

  • Code {{DISCOUNT_CODE}} applied. You save {{DISCOUNT_PERCENTAGE}} becomes Code BFCM applied. You save 15%.

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