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Integrations and limitations

Learn about the available integrations and limitations of the app

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Currency switchers

The app plays nice with most currency switchers out of the box. Specific integration is foreseen with:

  • Doubly Best Currency Converter

  • Secomapp Currency Converter

  • Geolizr


The app cannot be combined with:

  • Shopify's native automatic discounts since they overrule discounts at the checkout

  • Apps that redirect to a non-standard shopify checkout. Examples: apps that redirect to a multi-currency checkout or apps that redirect to a subscription product checkout or apps that create upsells on a separate checkout flow. Read more here.

Dynamic Pricing limitations

Dynamic Pricing (our capability to show discounted prices on the home page, product page, collection page, the cart and drawer cart) may not be able to show discounted prices on:

  • Pages generated with page builder apps

  • Upsell/cross-sell popups generated by other apps

  • "You may also like" overview generated by other apps

  • Search results that include prices, generated by other apps

  • Collection pages that use a search/product filter app

  • Collection pages that load extra pages using JavaScript

  • Custom drawer carts generated by other apps

If you are interested in integration with such an app, please contact our support team to see if integration is available.

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